Born in 1997, Lisbon, Portugal

Lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal

Artist Statement

My work respects the relationship between Nature, the human being and its ephemerality, with the relationship between the present and past generations for the construction of the future, in a present whose only thing we know is its finitude. I explore the importance of curiosity and mystery as unique and necessary dimensions of evolution. At a time when technology is growing like never before, it is more eminent than ever to rediscover and consolidate new places for humanity.

Gerhard Richter and Magritte are two of my main influences. Their works, mysterious and dazzling, encourage my involvement with painting and their way of seeing things. To study these ideas, I use oil painting and, on large format canvases, I combine human elements in contrast to natural elements by using the repetition of patterns that distort and expand out of the canvas (e.g. diptych 4 busts and 5 rocks).

In my works, I combine various objects altered by humanity to convey a transfiguration and renewal of their identity, representing them in compositions that challenge the perception of the viewer. It is evolution, the fruit of what history offers, in communion with the ephemerality of a present that nourishes a future we cannot yet see, but can imagine.

The ability to revive History through the interactivity between new conceptual positions and material achievements is an invitation to keep moving forward. To quote Yuval Noah Harari, "the reason to learn history (...) to free yourself of the past and imagine alternative destinies" (Harari, 2016).



2020 - 2021  | Painting/Drawing - Ar.Co, Lisbon, PT

2016  - 2020 | BFA Painting - Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon, PT

2016  - 2020 | Minor Model Drawing - Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon, PT



2022 |  Capítulo Quatro - Biblioteca FCT, Almada, PT (Solo)


2022 |  Nuvem Vermelha - Boa Lab, Lisbon, PT (Solo)

2021  |  FBAUL Painting Graduates - Sociedade Nacional de Belas-Artes, Lisbon, PT (Group)

2021  |  30 Anos - Arte Periférica Gallery, Lisbon, PT (Group)

2021  |  Cutout - Virtual Exhibition, (Group)

2021  |  Prémio D. Fernando II - Museum of the Arts (MU.SA), Sintra, PT (Group)

2021  | Feira dos Reis - Fine Arts Faculty, University of Lisbon, PT (Group)

2020 | Desconfinamento - Campo Pequeno Gallery, Lisbon, PT (Group)

2020 | Controverso - Virtual Exhibition, (Group)

2019  | M16 - Maria Dezasseis Space, Lisbon, PT (Group)

2019  | GABA - Fine Arts Faculty, University of Lisbon, PT (Group)

2018  | GABA - Fine Arts Faculty, University of Lisbon, PT (Group)


Museum of the Arts (MU.SA), Sintra, PT